I started composing around 1987, leading up to and including the conclusion of my first university degree (Bachelor of Creative Arts (in Music)).

Originally, my compositions were recorded for University Media Department videos, some were candidates for radio ads... but often, I just composed for myself. My composer alias is now "FurryToes Music".


My Old Bedroom Studio

All of the compositions on this page were arranged and/or composed and recorded by myself using various electronic and acoustic instruments and equipment.

Originally, I used an Atari computer with sequencer software called 'Notator' (an old EMagic Product now known as Logic) to mix and manage the individual parts.

But as technology has progressed, a Mac with Logic Pro gives me access to technology that might have cost around $50,000 in the 1990's.


Nyan Cat Slapdown
The Nyan Cat melody arranged for Guitars, Slap Bass & cowbell - played by Nyan Kittens in a Country/Rock style

iBots Launch (iPad Game)
This is my attempt at composing the music for the trailer for "iBots Launch" - an iPad game written by some friends at iBots Launch
This music is not official, as the original video came with it's own music (video reproduced with permission from FlickStudios)
Millipede Cloud
A short, original composition for classical/nylon string guitar